The Rushmore Group


Bob Larsen founded The Rushmore Group™ in 1981 under the simple principal of helping prosperous families and successful entrepreneurs achieve their goals while keeping their wealth within the family.

We do this by helping you define your objectives, evaluate the solutions, and implement the chosen game plan.  Our vast network of experts will make sure you are equipped with the tools and the follow through you need to make the best decisions for you, your company and your family.

In 1995 Rushmore created Rushmore International Consultants, which was formed to assist domestic and foreign clients in protecting their assets. R.I.C. has helped corporations and families protect millions of dollars, which would have otherwise been subject to estate taxes and lawsuits.

Rushmore enjoys high-level relationships with legal and accounting firms across the United States. In 2008 Bob created Settlement Masters, LLC to offer its services to advisors within the financial, insurance, legal and accounting professions to help their clients create more cost efficiency in their life insurance portfolios.

Mission Statement

We help keep family wealth in the family.


The Rushmore team is dedicated to creating generations of healthy wealth transfer.  We reduce the risk of taxation and liability exposure by recommending tax and legal structures implemented by the most skillful and educated outside counsel.