Estate Discount, Tax and Liability Diagnostic

Legal and Financial Document Inventory

Diagnosing and exposing the tax and liability risks in your plan requires that we inventory your various legal and financial documents such as wills, revocable trusts, separate property agreements, a detailed balance sheet, and life insurance contracts.

Our staff will review your legal documents and identify language that would cause:

  • Estate Tax Exempt wealth to become estate taxable upon the death of the surviving spouse;
  • A surviving spouse to have assets exposed to the claims of creditors or predators unnecessarily;
  • A surviving spouse to be unable to shift income to beneficiaries in lower income tax brackets
  • Wealth transferred to the next generation to unknowingly be thrust back into the estate tax world and unprotected from creditors.


Estate Discounts

Tax Liabilities – Estate and/or Income – compound over time and confiscate a larger and larger portion of your wealth. What does that mean to you and your heirs? Over the lifetimes of your children and grandchildren, leaving $5,000,000 on the tax chopping block is the same as taking away $4,000,000 of lifetime income for them (assumes a net after tax return of 4% over 50 years and doesn’t touch principal)!

Using our Accelerated Discount Transfer Strategy, we believe the $5,000,000 from the above example can continue to be under your control and enjoyment during your lifetime yet remove most if not all the value entirely from the estate tax system.

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Estate Liquidity Analysis

The best insurance against taxation is excellent legal planning. However, when all the planning is done and you continue to have assets exposed to taxes, we compare alternative methods to create the liquidity using IRC § 6166, asset sales, asset refinancing and sinking funds – unleveraged and leveraged using intelligent life insurance structures.

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