Current Life Insurance Portfolio Diagnostic

A Life Insurance Portfolio diagnostic is designed to determine whether your policy is at risk and empower you with the following information:

  • Is the insurance contract “performing” the way you originally planned;
  • What will it take to get it “back-on-track” and keep it and;
  • If you no longer need or want the contract, would the accumulated cash surrender value (if it was a cash accumulation type of product) or the policy’s market value provide a greater return on your investment.


Little Known Fact

Insurance companies have been arbitrarily raising the expenses inside policies, generally for policyholders over age 60.   These expense increases can deteriorate a policy’s cash value and can cause a policy to lapse without notice.


Keep versus Sell Analysis and Preliminary Appraisal

With the information provided by the diagnostic, we compare and contrast keeping the coverage to what you would receive via a surrender of the policy or the sale of the policy – a Keep versus Sell analysis. Rushmore Group’s sister company, Settlement Masters, LLC, will use the diagnostic to preliminarily appraise the potential capital market increase in cash value over surrender cash value.

Our expertise enabled Robert Larsen to co-author an article in the October 2009 Journal of Taxation entitled Taxation of Life Settlements – Unanswered Questions After Rev. Rules 2009-13 and 2009-14.

Please click here to access a copy of the Journal of Taxation article.


If you have not completed an in-depth diagnostic of your life insurance portfolio, please click LEARN MORE and The Rushmore Private Client Group representative will contact you.

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Investors should consult with their own professional advisor regarding the potential tax, estate and legal considerations that may arise in connection with entering into a life settlement transaction. Proceeds from a life settlement transaction may be taxable under federal or state law to the extent the proceeds exceed the cost basis. The proceeds from a life settlement transaction may be subject to claims of creditors. The receipt of proceeds from a life settlement transaction may adversely impact eligibility for government benefits and entitlements. The amount received for the sale of a policy may be impacted by the circumstances of the particular purchase of the policy, the insured’s life expectancy, future premiums, the death benefit, the terms of the policy, and the current market for insurance policies, among other factors. The amount received from the sale of the policy may be more or less than what others might receive for the sale of a similar policy. There may be high fees associated with the settlement of a life insurance policy. A policy that is settled is part of a client’s overall insurance capacity. Settlement Masters, LLC transacts life settlements for fixed life insurance contracts only; we do not settle viatical or variable life insurance contracts.</>