What We Do

The Rushmore BluePrint™ Diagnostic is designed to identify, in a concise, easily-understandable, hardcopy visual “blueprint”, the tax and liability risks that you are exposed to but that you may be unaware exist within your current legal and financial documents.



Estate Discount, Tax and Liability Diagnostic

Are you compressing the value of assets in your estate to keep wealth from being confiscated? Have you compared and contrasted the 5 ways to create estate liquidity? Would you want the maximum creditor and predator protection for your family?

Business Tax and Liability Diagnostic

Business agreements like Buy/Sells, key employee agreements or profit participations always contain triggering events in exchange for equity and/or cash bonuses. How would you feel if your triggering event cost you over $250,000 unnecessarily?

Bankruptcy and Liability Diagnostic

Do you know with certainty you have maximized the use of your federal and state exemptions to protect your assets from lawsuits and bankruptcy?

Current Life Insurance Portfolio Diagnostic

How do you prevent the loss of your existing life insurance portfolio or maximize the real market value of the coverage you no longer need?

"I thought my business was being run efficiently until I began my work with The Rushmore Team. They showed me how to save a significant amount of money in my business, in areas I hadn’t thought of. I highly recommend them."