Bankruptcy and Liability Diagnostic

Exemption Planning

Diagnosing and exposing the assets on your balance sheet that could be subject to bankruptcy and lawsuits requires the recharacterization of assets – your business, personal assets and future earnings – by applying specific federal and state exemptions against those assets. We conduct this process with an inventory of the existing assets on your balance sheet.

Key Benefits Specific to California Residents

  • California residents specifically benefit from California Code of Civil Procedure § 704.115, which has been in place since 1970;
  • It may be possible to protect upwards of 85% of personal and business assets from bankruptcy and lawsuits;
  • Investments within your private retirement plan can potentially include real estate, private equity investments, business interests, stocks and bonds;
  • Private retirement plan assets held during the accumulation phase, monies distributed for benefits as a retirement allowance, or a distribution to a beneficiary continue to maintain exemption status.

If you are interested in protecting your assets and future earnings to the maximum level, click the Diagnostic Calculator to start the recharacterization process.  The calculator is powered by our partner, Trust-CFO℠, the trust administration partner for private retirement plans.