I welcome you to the Rushmore experience.

We have worked hard over the last 35 years to create unique values for our clients.

In 2012 we created a diagnostic format that we call the “Rushmore BluePrint™”. The BluePrint™ is a full-size blueprint that completes a diagnostic study of every financial and legal aspect of our clients life.

A diagnostic would generally include an Estate Discount, Tax and Liability Diagnostic, Business Tax and Liability Diagnostic, Bankruptcy and Liability Diagnostic, and Current Life Insurance Portfolio Diagnostic. Within these primary categories, a deeper dive may uncover, for example, Special Needs situations or the need for additional income tax deductions.

Each category is evaluated for its completeness, accuracy and current status as it relates to a client’s goals and objectives.

After our in-house diagnosis is completed, we have client Council or outside Council review the BluePrintTM so the final draft is accurate and current. All clients personal information can be covered by attorney client privilege.

The conclusion of 98% of our BluePrint™ projects is the elimination or substantial reduction in Estate and/or Capital Gain Tax, identification of business agreement language that could create unnecessary personal liability, maximized use of federal and state exemptions to reduce Income Taxes and protect assets from lawsuits and bankruptcy, and the reduction in the premium of your existing Life Insurance portfolio or an increase in its Capital Value.

Our solutions are carefully reviewed and where legal documentation is required the documents are vetted and drafted by attorneys.

Our team is well known and has gained the respect of many in the legal, accounting and trust company community over our 35-year history.

We strive to exceed our client’s expectations and to work close with their attorney and accountant to reduce legal fees and overall expenses while producing a highly unique BluePrint™ diagnostic that is modeled after one you would use in building a custom home.

Call my team you’ll be glad you did!

I guarantee it!

Robert “Bob” Larsen, TEP